According to UKPA, as many as 21% of motorists fail to make monthly maintenance checks on their vehicle. They are missing may things including:

Tyres are the least-checked item.  And younger drivers much more lax about carrying out regular overall car maintenance than older motorists, a survey by Sainsbury’s Car Insurance has found.

Regionally, drivers in the east of England and in London make the fewest checks, while those in the East Midlands, north east England and Scotland maintain their cars the best.

The poll of 1,610 adults found only 38% of motorists check tyre tread depth on a monthly basis.

Some only check their tyre pressure before making long journeys, while only 15% of drivers aged over 65 fail to make monthly maintenance checks, compared with 29% of those aged 18-24.

A third of people who make no regular checks said they they do not think checks are necessary;

A total of 26% of women and 16% of men admitted to not performing basic maintenance on a monthly basis.

Ben Tyte, , said: “It’s simple, straightforward and requires just a few minutes to carry out basic checks, and doing so will give you peace of mind that your car is in a good condition and safe to be on the road.“

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Motorists are being warned about new laws which take effect in spring and mean they must have car insurance unless the DVLA has been notified their car is off-road.

David Evans, DVLA’s Corporate Affairs Director, highlighted the reasons for the changes, as he said that uninsured drivers are a “menace” on the roads, increasing “honest” motorists’ premiums by around £30.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and the DVLA are stressing the importance of car insurance by distributing information with v11 tax renewal forms.

The change in law is a stepping up of enforcement activity, so that not only those vehicles driven without insurance will be caught.

A registered keeper must make sure that their vehicle is insured all the time.

the DVLA and MID will be automatically checking to make sure levels of uninsured cars are brought down.


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Direct Line car insurance is offering a whole range of discounts and product innovations, all aimed at bringing down the cost of car insurance including 0% interest on installments for the first year, 10% discount when you buy online and 10% discount on the second vehicle. You’ll also benefit from no claims discount for named drivers, further discount if you insure your second car with them and the uninsured driver promise - if you’re hit by an uninsured driver, Direct Line will cover your excess and it won’t affect your no claims discount.

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I bank with the Royal bank of Scotland and even they are offering car insurance. I think banks should stick to financial services and do what they do best…charging us interest.
Hey even Marks & Spencer now offer UK car insurance quotes.

You want to give your car insurance a full review or even check user ratings before you buy, give each policy a rating if you can. I made a list that included Tesco car insurance, AA car insurance, Liverpool Victoria car insurance, make sure you include all the big names like Norwich Union and Churchill on that list. Then ask a few simple questions. Which provider offers online discount, no claims bonus or even additional discounts or special offers like Direct Lines Get 12 Months Cover for the Price of 10 current special offer. Will you get a courtesy car if your vehicle is in accident? What happens if you are hit by an uninsured driver? What kind of value do you get for named drivers? If you got a young driver in your family car insurance can be more expensive than life insurance for the world’s oldest man. You will always need at least third party and it is a good idea to have comprehensive cover, get a quote for this too. Click here to compare.

Lastly, breakdown cover is always a smart move in this country, there is nothing worse than a breakdown in the rain. If you get insurance quotes online make sure to include a breakdown quote you could save up to 50% where additional benefits apply.

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Van Cheap Insurance

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Van Cheap Insurance

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      We are now responsible for reading extra info and getting the product details. Sometimes if you have bike, car or business insurance the insurer will give you a better deal but you have to ask for it in most cases. The more cover you have in the UK with one insurer the more money you will save.

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